When you attend Ashland on a Sunday morning the first thing to know is that you are walking into a gathering of sinners—sinners who are seeking to make much of King Jesus. We are not a people who claim to have it all together, but we are a people who have been brought into a relationship with God through Christ and are serious about pursuing our joy in Christ. Knowing the joy of the Lord then, we are a people who desire to live out the gospel at all times wherever we find ourselves.


Second, you will find a people who are serious about the Word of God and entirely unconcerned about appearances. None of us dress a certain way because we are more concerned about singing the praises of Jesus and receiving the preached word of Jesus from the Bible then we are about what people are or are not wearing. Feel free to come gather with us no matter where you come from or what you like to wear and join us in making much of Jesus.


At Ashland we take seriously the responsibility of caring for children and pointing them to Jesus. Therefore, we are constantly working to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children. During the 9:30 hour we offer nursery for the little ones up to age 3, and Sunday school classes for ages 4 and up.


During our corporate worship gathering at 10:40 we offer children’s church for ages K-5th grade, though you are more than welcome to keep your children of any age with you in the service.


We do provide a Sunday school class for children who are in middle school and high school, but we encourage them to attend Bible study with their parents so that they can see the faith modeled by people older than they are and so that people who are farther down the road of life can pour into them. This we believe is a key aspect of producing young adults who are mature in the faith.